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80 per horse/pony

Preferential rate possible for farms, riding clubs, associations and/or refuges.


65 per bovine

Preferential rate and advisory rate possible*

Small ruminants: 50 by individual(sheep/goat)

Preferential rate possible for the check-up of large numbers

Les bovins à Sunrise
Chiens qui courent


60 per dog

Preferential rate possible for farms, associations and/or shelters.

For all other species please contact me to discuss your needs.

Travel Expenses and Response Areas

I intervene in all departments of Normandy.

For a osteopathic session within a 30 km radius around Lisieux (14100), travel expenses are included in the price of the session. For consultations in a larger area, travel expenses are added as follows:

Between 30-50 km: 5 €

Between 50-70 km: 10 €

Between 70-90km: 15 €

Beyond: please contact me


The travel expenses are divided by the number of animals seen on the same structure. For any other area, do not hesitate to contact me.

Terms of payment and cancellation of appointments


Osteopathic sessions are payable at the end of the consultation. The accepted means of payment are: checks, transfers or cash.

In case of a cancelation, be sure to notify me at least 48hrs in advance.


The practitioner reserves the right to no longer provide osteopathic services to the client after 2 appointments not honored or not canceled 48 hours before the session. 

Preferential rates

An hourly rate may be applied on request for farms, associations and/or shelters. Do not hesitate to contact me for further details. 

Notice Rates*


Mainly aimed at farms housing ruminants (cattle-sheep-goats). Still applicable on any other type of structure.

If, when I arrive on the farm, the animal must be redirected to another animal health actor (trimmer, veterinarian, etc.), only the travel costs are invoiced. The opinion makes it possible to better target the service that the animal needs when I am on site and to reduce the costs incurred as much as possible.

To make an appointment, do not hesitate to contact me.

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