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Canine osteopathy

No matter what activity you do with your four-legged friend, ranging from great sportsmen to those who love short, quiet hikes, all dogs can need an osteopathic session. 

Osteopathy always aims to improve the welfare of your animal, to accompany it in its physical featand even follow closely his good health.

Monitoring may be considered for several reasons:

  • Monitoring an aging animal,

  • As soon as he finds it difficult to get up/go to bed,

  • During stiffness - lameness - irregularity in his gaits,

  • When he is less playful or no longer jumps in the car or on the sofa,

  • Following a shock or trauma,

  • In post-operative follow-up for optimal recovery,

  • In case of digestive - urinary - respiratory - dermatological - or other concerns,

  • When the cruciate ligaments are affected,

  • In case of conjunctivitis or otitis,

  • Monitoring of bitches and breeding males,

  • In follow-up of various pathologies (hernias, dysplasias, etc.),

  • Follow-up of puppies (before departures to new adopters for example),

  • Follow-up of growing individuals,

  • In cases of tendonitis / osteoarthritis, etc.

  • And more.

Mise en place du concept du corps tenségritif
Mobilisation de l'articulation en cas d'arthrose
Ostéopathie viscérale

Possibility of preferential rates addressing farms,  associations/shelters or during a visit for more than three dogs.

Photo credit : Mélissa Delalande Photographie

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