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Bovine osteopathy

Osteopathy has many benefits to offer in rural areas. Herd monitoring is interesting as much for breastfeeding cows than in dairy cows. The economic side of this environment reminds us of the extent to which health and the welfare of animals plays an important and central role in the quality of the product then obtained. 

Osteopathy, in cattle, is very often useful:

  • Support for heifers before and after their first calving,

  • Accompaniment of multiparous after calving,

  • When milk production drops,

  • Prevention of lying cow syndrome,

  • Mastitis monitoring, 

  • Following a difficult birth for both the calf and the mother,

  • When the cow has trouble taking inseminations (AI),

  • During digestive - respiratory - dermatological - and other concerns,

  • In the event of a decline in fertility in breeding bulls,

  • Follow-up of calves throughout their growth (legs, digestive/respiratory concerns, etc.),

  • During lameness - stiffness - irregularities,

  • Following a shock or trauma (fall, slip),

  • Calves who have difficulty suckling, 

  • and many others.


Possibility of preferential tariff for the check-up of several individuals of the herd. Setting up a notice rate also possible. 


It is also possible to benefit from an osteopathic session for sheep and goats

A preferential rate can also be set up during a check-up of several individuals.

Photo credit : Mélissa Delalande Photographie

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