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Equine osteopathy

For all horses, regardless of discipline, age or race - osteopathy allows you to re-harmonize the body of the animal with a view to health, of performance optimization or even of welfare

An osteopathic session can be beneficial for many reasons:

  • Monitoring an aging animal,

  • Growth in the foal / correction of certain plumbs,

  • Mares and stallions intended for breeding,

  • During irregular gaits - lameness - stiffness,

  • In behavioral problems,

  • Violent reactions to strapping or dressing,

  • During a buying visit,

  • Following a shock or trauma,

  • Postoperatively,

  • During digestive - respiratory - dermatological or other concerns,

  • During tendonitis, osteoarthritis, navicular syndrome, laminitis, OCD, etc. 

  • When there is a locomotor problem, propulsion/engagement problem,

  • When the horse swerves at the approach of an obstacle,

  • and more.

Hélice fasciale du jarret
Évaluation de la torsion physiologique du bassin
Test du sacrum

Photo credit: Mélissa Delalande Photography

It is possible to benefit from preferential tariff during osteopathic sessions on a large number of horses (breeding, associations, pony club).

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