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Originally from Quebec (Canada), I moved abroad to follow a five-year training course in animal osteopathy. Graduated in 2022 from the European School of Animal Osteopathy, I also have an international diploma qualifying me as an "Animal Manual Therapist". I am registered in the RNA (National Register of Aptitude of the Order of Veterinarians) under the number OA1295.

My school career was concluded  with the writing of a thesis entitled "Osteopathic consequences of a weak perineum in the sport mare" with honors. 


In addition to following your animals on a daily basis, I am part of the administrative team of Forcora - postgraduate training organization in osteopathy.

After doing a few seasons preparing thoroughbred yearlings for Arqana's August sales, my interest in breeding and monitoring growing horses grew.I therefore seek to specialize my practice around horses, but also with dogs and ruminants (cattle, sheep, goats). 

I like the practice of a gentle osteopathy and attentive to the needs of the animal. I favor simple and effective osteopathic techniques that allow me to put the animal in confidence by offering him a session in comfort.

Thanks to my school career as well as numerous postgraduate training in osteopathy, I benefit from a wide range of techniques to accompany your animals:

  • Craniosacral (CRM),

  • Cranial,

  • Visceral,

  • Structural,

  • Tensegrity (FTM and fascial helices),

  • Fasciatherapy,

  • Tissue techniques according to P. Tricot,

  • Reflexes,

  • Parlosteo's techniques,

  • Base in biodynamic osteopathy,

  • Overtone singing base and application during treatment.

Photo credit: Mélissa Delalande Photography

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